About us
About Intercode
Intercode Software is a software development house specialising in HR and Payroll software solutions for the South African market.

Intercode was founded in 1999, and has since gained a reputation for delivering software solutions of the highest standards utilising the very latest technology. Our highly skilled software engineers, coupled with years of experience in the HR and Payroll arenas, ensures the very best levels of quality and functionality in the software solutions we provide.
Payroll Authors Group
Intercode Software is an accredited member of the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa (PAGSA).
PAGSA membership ensures that our payroll software always complies with the latest legislative requirements and payroll best practices, thereby providing our customers with complete peace of mind.
Proudly South African
Intercode Software is an accredited member of Proudly South African, committed to satisfying the membership criteria with regard to:
  • local content
  • quality
  • fair labour standards and
  • sound environmental practice
Proudly South African Membership Number: ME17052/823/12/22