Max. number of concurrent users per company file:1
Max. number of employees per company file:As per License
Max. number of separate company files:Unlimited (Bureau License)
Human Resource Management
Manage your employees quickly and easily with Intercode Payroll's built-in human resource management functions.
HR Information
Get instant acces to all your HR information including:
  • Personal Details
  • Employment Details
  • Job Details
  • Banking Details
  • Recurring Income
  • Recurring Deductions
  • Savings and Loans
  • Tax Details
  • Increase History
  • Leave Cycles and Balances
  • Training History
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Equipment Issued
  • Emergency Contacts
Intercode Payroll caters for all employee types including directors, contractors, labour brokers, part-time employees and commission-only employees.
Payroll Processing

Employee Payslip Window
  • Caters for Salaries, Wages and Commission Earners
  • Automatic calculation of Overtime Pay, Leave Pay and Public Holiday Pay
  • Automatic calculation of Employees Tax, UIF and SDL
  • Supports an unlimited number of User-Defined Income and Deduction Types
  • Changes are reflected on the payslip in Real Time
  • Recurring Income and Deductions are added to payslips automatically
  • Irregular Income and Deductions can be added to payslips "on the fly"
Savings, Loans and Garnishees
Easily manage employee savings, employee loans and garnishee orders. Once an employee loan or garnishee order has been added, a deduction for the loan instalment or garnishee order is added to each of the employee's payslips automatically, until such time as the full amount has been paid off.
The current balance of each loan or garnishee order is also reflected on the employee's payslip for easy reference.
Once the outstanding balance of an employee loan or garnishee order reaches zero, the deduction is automtically suspended.
Other features of savings, loans and garnishees include:
  • Interest on outstanding balances can be calculated automatically
  • Multiple concurrent loans or garnishees can be added per employee
  • Instalments can be increased to pay off balances sooner
  • Payments can be skipped without affecting outstanding balances
  • Monthly reports showing total deductions and outstanding balances

Shift Times and Rules
Control employee working times and overtime rules using pre-defined shift templates. Shifts are linked directly to employee time sheets, allowing you to assign employees to different shifts on different days of the week, or to change an employee's scheduled shift at a moment's notice.
  • Define different shift times and rules for different employee groups
  • Combine shifts in any order to define employee work schedules
  • Includes full support for weekly shift rotations
  • Forecast employee hours based on expected shift patterns
  • Calculate short time or overtime automatically based on shift times
Time and Attendance
Intercode Payroll keeps detailed daily work history for all employees on your payroll, including the number of hours worked per day, overtime hours, leave taken and the number of shifts worked.
Each employee's time sheet is completed automatically at the start of each new pay period, based on the the hours that the employee was expected to work. You only have to capture changes to the expected hours, such as overtime worked or leave taken.
If you use an electronic time and attendance system, Intercode Payroll can import your employees' hours from your T&A system and instantly calculate each employee's wages and overtime according to the actual hours worked.
  • Time sheets are automatically completed based on expected shift patterns
  • Capture short time, overtime and leave days quickly using a spreadheet-style grid
  • Easily change an employee's shift pattern "on the fly"
  • Changes made to the time sheet are automatically cascaded to the employee's income
  • Import employees' hours from your electronic Time & Attendace system
Employee Leave
Intercode Payroll includes a comprehensive leave module which is fully compliant with the requirements of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
Detailed daily leave history is kept for each employee on your payroll, including the employee's leave entitlement, the number of days accrued, the number of days taken and the number of days paid out.
Standard leave types that are included with Intercode Payroll include annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, maternity leave and unpaid leave. In addition to the standard leave types, you can also create an unlimited number of user-defined leave types to suite your specific needs.
Leave entitlements can be defined as a fixed number of days per cycle, or can be calculated dynamically based on the number of hours that an employee actually worked. Leave entitlements can also be specified individually per employee, in order to cater for employees who are entitled to additional leave days based on years of service for example.
Leave taken can be captured in either days or hours, which is then automtically deducted from the employee's current leave balance. The latest leave balances for each employee are reflected the employee's payslip.
Intercode Payroll even lets you define a set of leave cycle "rollover" rules for each individual leave type. These rules determine how much (if any) of an employee's leave can be carried over from one leave cycle to the next, and are applied automatically whenever an employee reaches the end of a leave cycle.
  • Unlimited number of user-defined leave types
  • Automatic leave accrual
  • Separate entitlement and accrual rules per leave type
  • Separate entitlement and accrual rules per employee
  • Separate payment rates per leave type
  • Separate leave cycle rollover rules per leave type
  • Capture future-dated (booked) leave
  • Automatic calculation of the value of leave paid out
  • Fully compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Payslip Preview

  • One-click payslip printing
  • No proprietary stationery required
  • Preview actual payslips on screen
  • Personalise payslips with your company logo
  • Export payslips directly to Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Weekly time sheets printed on payslips
  • Leave movements and balances reflected on payslips
  • Payslips for any previous pay period can be re-printed at any time
Employee Tax
  • Automatic calculation of employee's tax per employee
  • Tax-deductible amounts (pension, provident, medical aid, retirement annuities etc.) are taken into account automatically
  • Caters for all methods of tax-annualisation including Average Income, Actual Income and Periodic Income.
  • Supports bonus tax provision, and additional tax provision for external income.
  • Caters for all methods of tax calculation including tax tables, tax directives, directors' tax, employees in non-standard employment, independant contractors, labour brokers, companies and trusts.
  • Fully compliant with all SARS tax calculation requirements.
Tax Certificates

Employee Tax Certificate
  • One-click printing of IRP5 and IT3a certificates
  • No need for pre-printed tax certificate stationery
  • Tax certificates can be submitted to SARS electronically
  • 100% Compatible with the SARS EasyFile software program
  • Tax certificates for any tax year can be re-printed at any time
  • Caters for all South African tax codes as required by SARS
  • SITE and PAYE splits are calculated automatically
  • RFI and NRFI splits calculated automatically
  • Multiple IRP5 certificates per employee generated automatically if required
  • Automatic tax year finalisation and roll-over. No year-end runs required.
  • Automatic generation of personalised employment contracts
  • Standard reports catering for all statutory requirements
  • Detailed IRP5, IT3A, UI7, UI19, EMP201 etc.
  • All reports can be exported directly to Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Bank transfer reports for easy EFT payments
  • Coinage analysis report showing denominations required for cash payments
  • Monthly third-party payment reports
SARS EasyFile ™
Intercode Payroll is fully compatible with the new SARS EasyFile software program. Using Intercode Payroll you and can produce the electronic tax certificate file as required by the SARS EasyFile software in just a few simple steps.

Once your electronic tax certificate information has been imported into the SARS EasyFile software, it is then submitted to SARS electronically.

For more detailed information on submitting your electronic tax certificate information to SARS from within the EasyFile software program, please refer to the EasyFile User Manual which is available from the the SARS E-Filing web site.
MIBFA and MEIBC Electronic Return Submissions
Intercode Payroll includes full support for companies subject to the main agreements of the Metal Industries Benefit Fund Administrators and the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council. All deductions towards MIBFA levies and MEIBC fund contributions are catered for, and can be generated automatically.
Monthly contributions returns are generated in the form of an electronic file that can be submitted to MIBFA via e-mail. This means that there are no paper-based returns that need to be completed at all. All the required monthly return information will be submitted to MIBFA electronically with the click of a button.
Once your electronic returns have been submitted, Intercode Payroll can automatically generate a detailed return summary report reflecting the MIBFA contribution totals sorted by contribution type, the total amounts payable to each of the relevant funds, and labour statistics for the relevant payroll month.