Why choose Intercode?
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Intercode Payroll
Intercode Payroll is Training-Free
Intercode Payroll is extremely user-friendly and is very quick to learn, even if you have no previous payroll software experience.
Intercode Payroll is Consulting-Free
You won't need an on-site consultant every time you need to make a change to your payroll, which will lead to massive savings in terms of payroll consulting fees.
Intercode Payroll is Module-Free
The so-called "optional modules" that other payroll companies might charge you for are all standard features in Intercode Payroll, and are all included in the base software price.
Intercode Payroll is Highly Automated
Complicated tax calculations, tax-deductible amounts, medical aid fringe benefits and other statutory requirements are all handled automatically for you, enabling you to complete your payroll processing in record time.
Unbeatable Value for Money
You get more functionality, more features and a better overall user experience, at the same (or usually even lower) cost.