Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Will I need a consultant to set up my payroll?
A:No. When you first install Intercode Payroll, most of your payroll setup will be done automatically. You can perform any further customisation quickly and easily yourself, without the need for a consultant.
Q:Will I need to undergo user training to learn how to use Intercode Payroll?
A:No. Intercode Payroll is very intuitive, making it extremely easy to use. This is one of the biggest benefits of using Intercode Payroll - there are no hidden costs for consulting and training, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
Q:Is Intercode Payroll a multi-user system?
A:No (and yes). Intercode Payroll allows only one user to work on any given company file at a time. However, since each employers' information is kept in a separate company file, you can have multiple users working on different companies at the same time - you can just not have more than one user working on the same company at the same time.
Q:Can I run Intercode Payroll over a network?
A:Yes, but it's not recommended. The employer data files can be located on a network drive if required, but because network connections are generally slow, this usually has a negative impact on system performance.
Q:Can I run the payrolls of more than one company using Intercode Payroll?
A:Yes. If you have a bureau license you can create an unlimited number of separate company files. Since Intercode Payroll stores each companies' information in its' own separate file, the number of company files you can create is limited only by the amount of hard disk space you have available.
Q:If I run the payrolls of more than one company, do I need an employee license to cater for the total number of employees across all companies?
A:No. Your employee license determines the maximum number of employees you can load onto any single company, therefore you only need an employee license that caters for your largest company.
Q:Can I upgrade my employee license at a later stage?
A:Yes. You can upgrade your employee license to accommodate more employees at any time. You will only pay the difference between the old and new license fees, calculated pro-rata on the number of remaining months in the relevant tax year.
Q:Can I run Intercode Payroll on Windows Vista?
A:Yes. Intercode Payroll includes full support for all Windows versions from Windows 98 onwards, including Windows Vista.
Q:Can I run Intercode Payroll on Apple Mac OS?
A:No. Intercode Payroll was designed to be used with Microsoft Windows operating systems and will therefore not work on Apple Mac OS.
Q:When I buy Intercode Payroll, will I get a "boxed version" of the software?
A:No. You can always download the latest version of the Intercode Payroll installation files directly from our web site, so there is no sense in sending you a second copy of the software on CD.